Selected maxims and advice from various sources, but just as important for leaders everywhere.

1. Be a leader not a “boss”. And… what’s the difference? Click here

2. Set the right example:

  1. Stay ahead of your troops
  2. Get there first
  3. Dig your own foxhole.
  4. An officer eats the same food from the same tray as his troops — after they have first been served.
  5. Do not ask anyone to do anything you would not do yourself.

3. Take care of your men:

  1. Take time to learn about your people by listening to them.
  2. Know what it takes to motivate each one; it will probably vary.
  3. It is important to recognize their need to be needed.
  4. If you take care of your troops, they will take care of you.

4. Set goals — both for yourself and your unit.

5. Communicate: Keep everyone posted.

  1. Tell the troops what they are going to do and what they have done.
  2. Don’t just give orders; explain why. (An informed organization considers itself to be a part of the effort, not just going through the motions because it was told to — don’t keep them in the dark.)

6. Demand excellence; maintain high standards and expectations

7. Have the enthusiasm to motivate others.

8. Plan Ahead

  1. PPPPP- Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  2. Plans should be made by people who execute them

9. Handling People:

  1. Be fair, be firm, be friendly
  2. Discipline is not punishment
  3. Praise is more valuable than blame (per Geo. Patton)
  4. Remember… you earn respect, not demand it!

10. Giving commands:

  1. Never give an order you don’t expect to be carried out. Issuing an order is 10% — execution is 90%. You can expect only what you inspect.
  2. Delegate responsibilities — not just jobs. It enhances their development and reflects your confidence in them.