Troop 17 does what a boy scout troop should do!

We go hiking and camping. We like to camp when it’s cold enough to freeze water. We learn first aid, how to tie knots, how to build fires in the woods and cook our meals over them. We learn about maps and compasses, how to safely use knives and axes, and everything we need to know to be at home in the woods.

Our troop is run by scouts – boys just like you who joined Seventeen just a few years ago. They started out working for their Tenderfoot rank, then they became Second and First Class Scouts. Now, they know their Scouting skills, and while they work on Star, Life and Eagle ranks, they want to help you follow in their path.

Over one hundred Seventeeners have become Eagle scouts! As you advance in rank, you grow as a Scout and, before you know it, you’re ready to learn leadership as an Assistant Patrol Leader and then a Patrol Leader. You’ll learn how to teach and lead other Scouts.

 What makes a Seventeener?

Scouting Skills
We work hard to make certain that we are masters of the basic Scouting Skills – when we are prepared,
we like to challenge ourselves to keep warm when we camp in weather so cold that it freezes our water jugs!

Our troop was formed in 1917 and hundreds of Scouts have been Seventeeners. We have a long list of Eagles which keeps growing — maybe, if you’re good enough, you’ll be one of them!

Junior Leadership
The Senior Patrol Leader runs our troop. He’s a young man just a few years older than you who became a Seventeener just a few years ago. Like you, when he joined he had a lot to learn; now he’s leading the troop to help you along the Scouting trail.

Seventeeners care about the smallest detail of their uniforms. Seventeeners wear “Smokey the Bear” hats, honor traditions, and we enjoy marching. We like to see heads turn when we march by; we like to be the only troop in FULL uniform, and we like to feel and look SHARP. We’re proud of our troop.



Roll Call

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Coat of Arms