Neatness is a big factor. Hang up your uniform as soon as you get home from the meeting. Then put the top of the hanger through your neckerchief slide so that it doesn’t get lost.

The smart thing to do is to check your uniform now — well before the next weekly meeting. If it is dirty or needs a badge to be sewn on, get it done as soon as possible so that there is plenty of time to do it before the day of the meeting. If your shirt gets washed, make sure you put your pencils, paper, advancement card, and name tag somewhere you’ll remember them. Chances are that your shirt or neckerchief need ironing. Your parents will be only too glad to help — just give them enough time — and they’ll be mighty proud of their sharp looking Scout in his neatly pressed uniform.

Hat Keep the brim hard and straight by pressing with a hot iron over a damp cloth. Keep your hat in a press or on a flat surface when not in use.
Shirt Tuck in your shirt at the waist and keep it free from bulges and wrinkles. Turn in the collar so that the neckerchief will lay neatly and snugly. The sleeves of your T-shirt or undershirt must be short enough so as not to be visible by protruding outside the sleeve of the uniform shirt.
Pockets Do not have over-crowded pockets. You should have a pencil and your advancement progress card inside the right pocket.
Insignia Should be sewn on flat with no gaps or buckling and no loose threads. Check your Scout Handbook for the proper location of badges.
Neckerchief This is rolled rather than folded. The point at the back should be about six inches (the whole BSA diamond should be visible but not drape down too far).
Neckerchief Slide We wear the leather “Turk’s Head” slide manufactured by the troop. Make sure that it is pushed up to the “V” at the top of the shirt and that any metal wire fasteners are out of view.
Name Tag This is worn on the pocket flap with the top edge just below the upper seam. The toughest part is making sure it is centered and not pinned on crooked.
Belt The web Scout belt should be trimmed to the proper length — just long enough so that only the brass tip extends outside the buckle. This is called “brass on brass”. The belt should be worn with belt through all the belt loops of the shorts.
Shorts Boys grow into and out of shorts but try to keep them a reasonable length (i.e. 1-2 inches above the knee).
Socks We wear the long socks with the wide red border on the top. Make sure they are worn with seams running straight up and down the leg and rolled down just below the knee cap.The red border should be rolled into a band with a width of about 2 inches.
Shoes Footwear (shoes or boots) must be of a dark color (e.g. brown or black) — not white or a bright color, luminescent, or flamboyant. They must be in good repair and clean with the laces neatly tied. Leather shoes (dress or moccasin type) are preferred but not required.