1. Opening Ceremony:
          a. Rotate weekly between the patrols
          b. Insist on variety — not the “same old thing” each week
          c. Include either the Scout Oath or Scout Law

2. Advancement:
          a. Post to an advancement chart weekly (in front of the troop).
              (Or at a minimum announce who passed any tests or merit badges)
          b. Recognize anyone passing a board of review as soon as possible.

3. Inspection:
          a. use a “guest” inspector frequently
          b. be sure to use at least one compliment for each criticism.
          c. have someone take notes
          d. include a “summary” or “how to” instruction at the conclusion
          e. allow patrols to be put “at ease” (by their PL) before and after their patrol is inspected

4. Game:
          a. do not repeat within several weeks
          b. check the game file box for new games
          c. the game should be approved ahead of time by the SM or an ASM

5. Patrol Competitions:
          a. at least two a month
          b. should tie in with the program or a future event, if possible

6. Instruction/Training/Program:
          a. should involve equipment and be “hands on” (ie no “chalk talks”)
          b. should culminate in a competition or a “hands on” practice
          c. done by junior leaders, adults,or outside experts
                    (not by patrol leaders — they have enough to do!)

7. Closing:
          a. ASPL responsible to see that candle and match (or lighter) are there on time
          b. ASPL responsible for turning lights on and off

8. Service Patrol:
          a. rotated weekly
          b. patrol leader (or his asst) reports to SPL (or ASM closing up) that:
                    “The Scout room has been cleaned up and everything has been put away”

Note: The planning chart MUST be posted at least two weeks ahead of time.