The Eagle badge will sit well on the chest of Robert Bence, who is known as a confident, well-organized, and quietly effective young man who pursues meaningful objectives. 

Joining the troop at the age of twelve, Rob completed his Eagle requirements in three and one half years — one of the more rapid rates of advancement in the history of Troop Seventeen. 

At his first summer camp, Rob finished in first place in the Troop’s annual Honor Camper contest becoming Troop Seventeen’s Scout of the year for 1991. 

In 1992, Rob was made the Patrol Leader of the Stag Patrol, which was essentially a Webelos Patrol made up exclusively of recently recruited Cub Scouts. During his tenure, Rob proved to be an effective leader and teacher, guiding the young Scouts through their Arrow of Light and making the adjustment into Boy Scouting. 

As his patrol developed and matured, Rob capped it off by finishing in fourth place among all the patrols in the Pathfinder District at last year’s spring Camporee. Later that fall Rob served as Seventeen’s acting Senior Patrol Leader at the fall district campout.

Recently Rob has been organizing assembly sessions for the troop’s hat press business, the troop’s unique fund raising activity. 

In early 1994, Rob became the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and was subsequently promoted to Senior Patrol Leader — the number one position of junior leadership in the troop. 

With several of the older Scouts leaving (two to college and two moving out of town) Rob will be standing alone as Seventeen’s key junior leader . Rob has both the ability and the unique opportunity to put his personal imprint on what will now be “his” troop. Rob, more than anyone else, represents the future of the Troop. 

On his trail to Eagle, Rob has made excellent use of his time at summer camp to accumulate a significant portion of his elective badges there such as Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Canoeing, Mammal Study, Motor Boating, Wilderness Survival, Cooking, and Basketry. 

For his Eagle service project, Rob led a project to landscape the grounds of the St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf enlisting approximately eight Scouts to assist over two weekends. 

Rob, who is a straight A student at Priory, has also earned JV letters in both track and soccer. 

Rob is a member of the Bakers, has completed JLTC, and has earned the Perfect Attendance, Honor Camper, and Honor Patrol ribbons.

Robert Bence —

Scouter… Leader… Honor Camper… Athlete… Scholar… Eagle Scout