As a new Scout in Troop 17, Ricky Barnhart was on the spot early in his Scouting career. The expectations of others for the Scoutmaster’s nephew could be very high. However, a close examination of his accomplishments shows hard work, perseverance, and Ricky has rightly earned his place — on his own — among the Eagles of Troop 17. 

Ricky’s enthusiasm and desire were evident early when he finished his Second Class rank only three months after his Tenderfoot and his advancement since then has reflected the steady progress of a Scout relentlessly pursuing a cherished goal. 

All of his merit badges did not come easy to Ricky though. For example, his first attempt at Cooking Merit Badge was a total disaster of spilled and raw food and provided considerable comic relief for the whole campsite at the time. Since then, Ricky has worked on this skill and has now become recognized as one of the Troop’s more accomplished chefs. 

Ricky’s first leadership position was as a Den Chief for Pack 344. As a young Scout, Ricky served in this position with distinction and was one of the more outstanding Den Chiefs the Troop has ever produced. 

As patrol leader of the Moose Patrol, Ricky has improved remarkably over the years — the difference in the performance of his patrols at summer camp in his two years was very noticeable. Ricky’s patrols were particularly noteworthy for their thorough preparation and this culminated in his patrol finishing on top at the 1970 Forest Park Camporee. 

Ricky was selected by the Troop to attend the council’s Junior Leader Training Camp. JLTC helped polish Ricky’s leadership and teaching skills and gave him many new ideas. While there he was elected the permanent Patrol Leader of his JLTC patrol — a recognition as their best Scout. 

Ricky took over responsibility for all troop skills instruction at troop meetings and it is generally agreed that due to his enthusiasm, his preparation, and his ingenuity that the instructional content of the Wednesday night troop programs reached an all-time high. 

Ricky has a strong outdoor bent and he has participated vigorously in the Troop’s year-round camping program. He has been to summer camp six years, for example, and in 1970, was recognized as the number two Honor Camper. 

Ricky also holds the Troop Leadership Cocade, Perfect Attendance Ribbon, and is a member of the Bakers and the Order of the Arrow.

Ricky Barnhart — 

Leader… Order of the Arrow… Camper… Outdoorsman… Eagle Scout