Scott Shepard is an excellent example of one of those young men who form the junior leadership core of the troop — that talented group of older scouts who, because of their experience and dedication, have made Troop Seventeen the premier troop for many decades.

The outdoor program, in particular, has benefited from Scott’s efforts and skills. His seven years at long-term summer camp, provide a fine example of Scott’s considerable camping experience. Scott can always be counted upon to give cheerfully of his time and effort to make each of the Troop’s outdoor activities a success.

Scott’s first leadership responsibility was as Patrol Leader of the Hawk Patrol where, in his only camporee as Patrol Leader, the patrol finished among the top ten in the Midland District. Since that time Scott  served as member of the Troop’s leadership corps, most recently as the Troop Quartermaster. The Quartermaster has to be a person who is basically unselfish and service oriented because the job requires a considerable amount of unrecognized time and labor. In performing his duties, Scott provided an excellent example for future Quartermasters to emulate.

When Scott attended the Council’s Junior Leader Training Camp in 1976, his abilities, experience, and attitude so impressed the thirty other Scouts in his troop — each representing a different troop from all over the St. Louis area — that they elected him their permanent Assistant Senior Patrol Leader — the top Scout in their troop.

Scott’s scouting service has not only been limited to Troop Seventeen. He has also served — twice — in leadership capacities for Midland District Camporees by being in charge of the mapping skill reviews and then troop campsite layout.

Scott, who is B+ student, is known as an excellent teacher, and is currently serving as the Troop’s Tenderfoot Instructor — guiding and training all of the newer Seventeeners.

Scott is also a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow and was recently elected Head Baker — president of Troop Seventeen’s unique older boy’s organization. Since this is one of the more
responsible and prestigious leadership positions available for a young man, Scott has become one of the key leaders in the Troop’s future.

Scott Shepard — 

Scouter… Leader… Outdoorsman… Baker… Teacher… Quartermaster… Order of the Arrow… Eagle Scout