1. Get a clipboard

2. Write it down/make a list
        (you can’t remember everything)

3. Set the example
        (uniform, attendance, being on time)

4. Use the phone aggressively
        To make sure it happens
        To follow up

5. Ask for help
        The SPL should never be rejected

6. On campouts
        Get (and keep) an accurate count of the Scouts
        Review all tenting arrangements to make sure no one sleeps alone
        Be the first up in the morning
        Check the new/young Scouts at night
               And lastly…

7. Don’t let the Scoutmaster (or another adult) do your job-
        If they inadvertently try to
                Move the Scouts, or
                Make an announcement to the troop, or
                Something else that is your responsibility
        Politely take him to the side and let him know…
        That is your job! (Then be sure you do it!)