Below are a few noteworthy achievements by active Seventeeners outside of Scouting during years when they were still involved in the troop — not achievements after they were gone or achievements by someone who “happened” to be in the troop “once upon a time.”
Achievements of which Troop Seventeen is…
“mighty proud.”


    Class President    
  1948 Dick Barnes, SPL Clayton High School  
  1959 Dave Taylor, JASM Missouri Military Academy  
  1978 Bill Webber, Eagle Scout University City Senior High School  
    Athletic Team Captain    
  1957 Bob Barnes, Eagle Scout Track  
  1958 Bruce Swaine, JASM Football  
  1980-82 Bobby Barnes, SPL Hockey  
  1982 Mike Harrell, SPL Hockey  
  1982 Bobby Barnes, Eagle Scout Football  
  1984 Tommy Barnes, Eagle Scout Hockey  
  1998 Aaron Kaufman, Eagle Scout Wrestling  
  2000 Dolph Spoeneman, Eagle Scout Cross Country  
  2001 Erich Kiehl, Eagle Scout Cross Country  
  2003 Rhett Siesener, Eagle Scout Wrestling, Football  
  2003 Andrew Brenner, Eagle Scout Cross Country  
  2004 Paul Kiehl, Eagle Scout Water Polo, Swimming/Diving  
  2005 Cody Boehm Water Polo, Swimming/Diving  
    Homecoming or Prom King    
  1948 Dick Barnes, SPL Clayton High School  
  1978 Bill Nichols, Eagle Scout University of Missouri-Rolla  
  1985 Tommy Barnes, Eagle Scout Parkway Central High School  
    President of College Fraternity    
  1953 Dick Barnes, ASM Sigma Chi, Washington University  
  1967 Tim Arnold, ASM Kappa Sigma, University of Missouri  
  1952 Dave Barnes Editor, High School Yearbook  
  1961 Denny Swaine Voted Most Popular in his High School Class  
  1968 Bill Klamon, PL Awarded U.S. Patent for Jet Engine Part  
  1981 Mike Harrell, Eagle Scout Earns Airplane Pilot’s License (before he’s old enough to drive a car)  
  1992 Josh Cope, SPL Overall Winner, Greater St. Louis Science Fair  
  2002 Erich Kiehl, SPL #1 Academic GPA, Ladue High School