Michael Wayne Harrell, Mike as he is called by his friends, started his Scouting career 16 days after his 11th birthday and it has been apparent ever since that Mike is fully committed and involved in learning Scouting skills and the traditions of Troop 17. 

In 1978 Mike’s first full year as a Scout, his achievements and accomplishments are unprecedented in the history of this troop. He shot up the advancement trail passing the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks. He earned 10 out of 12 skill awards and was promoted to his first leadership position, Assistant Patrol Leader of the Stag Patrol. Mike also took on the responsibility of becoming the troop Librarian, organizing troop material and setting up a system for cataloging merit badge pamphlets. 

Mike also attended his first summer camp in 1978 and the quiet little man became known as “Michell Harvell”, a name he earned by one of the camp counselors at S-F. Here again Mike proved himself. He was not swayed by cliques or fads, but pursued meaningful Scout objectives, completing five merit badges, two skill awards and advancing to the rank of First Class Scout. Mike’s continued patrol and troop support, excellent attitude and willingness to help others earned him second place Honor Camper for the entire year of 1978. This in itself is highly unusual for a first year Scout. 

Mike is not a believer in yesterday’s accomplishments . For early in 1979 he advanced to Star Scout and by mid-year had earned the position of Patrol Leader of the Stag Patrol. At summer camp Mike once again proved himself by earning five merit badges and advancing to the rank of Life Scout. This continued superior performance could only lead to one conclusion, that he be given the Outstanding Honor Camper award for all of 1979. 

Mike is a member of the Order of the Arrow, has attended the Junior Leader Training Course and holds the perfect attendance ribbon for 1979. Most recently Mike has been promoted to the position of Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the troop, voted into the Bakers troop Scouting organization and awarded the troop cocade for outstanding leadership. 

Mike’s accomplishments in Scouting are not unfounded. He is an above average student in the Parkway Schools, a certified scuba diver and has participated in Creve Coeur hockey for the last 11 years. This year Mike was also a member of the school track and wrestling teams.

Mike Harrell — 

Scouter… Leader… Athlete… Scholar… Baker… Order of the Arrow… Honor Camper… Eagle Scout