As much as anyone, Matt Bruns represents the revitalization of Troop Seventeen. Joining the troop in June of 1986 at probably the lowest ebb in its 75 year history, Matt’s scouting career and leadership positions have paralleled the resurgence of the troop into three full patrols and a healthy junior leadership staff. 

Matt’s first significant leadership responsibility was as the Patrol Leader of the Hawk Patrol. New himself and with no role model to use as a reference, Matt took his patrol of inexperienced scouts into competition with some sixty plus other patrols and finished number four at the Pathfinder District camporee. 

Matt next served as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for two years. It was a time when Matt had many other commitments and, naturally, his scouting suffered for a while. But Matt generally balanced his time and the pressures well and was considered an effective and competent leader when he was able to be present. 

In February of 1991, Matt became Senior Patrol Leader and served for a year and a half. As the key boy leader, Matt did an outstanding job even without an Assistant SPL. It was during his tenure that the troop finally began to mature — and a strong and healthy Troop Seventeen is the legacy that Matt will leave. 

Matt attended summer camp for four years. In 1988, he finished in first place in the Troop’s annual Honor Camper contest — an honor generally recognized as the troop’s top scout for the year. 

That same year, in recognition of his camping and leadership abilities, Matt was selected by his peers for induction into the order of the Arrow, the national honorary society of scout honor campers. 

In 1989, Matt became one of the four newly initiated Bakers who effectively re­-energized that unique older boys group of Troop Seventeen. 

In his advancement work, Matt’s merit badges show a strong sports interest as expected, but also reflect a definite outdoor flavor with Mammal Study, Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Nature, and Wilderness Survival featured among them. 

After a period of inactivity in his advancement progression, Matt became conscious of his impending Eagle deadline. He attacked his requirements with energy and determination and finished up on the last day possible. Doing what he had to do, when he had to do it, he GOT the job done. 

Outside of Scouting, Matt played center on the Ladue football team for four years, lettering his senior year. He also played baseball, lacrosse, and worked as an umpire for the Olivette Athletic Association. At school, Matt was involved in Trend, RTI, and served on the student congress. 

In August of 1992, Matt was appointed as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster accepting responsibility for training the many new tenderfeet entering the Troop. 

Matt is described as even-tempered, empathetic, a willing worker, with a cheerful friendly personality and a great attitude; a leader who is exceptionally good with younger Scouts. 

Matt left St. Louis for the University of Dayton where he majored in business. 

Matt Bruns —

Honor Camper… Order of the Arrow… Baker… Athlete… Role Model… Honor Camper… Leader… Friend… Eagle Scout