Jim Callahan and his family moved to St. Louis from New York in the summer of 1969. When Jim started with the troop the following September, he was over 12 years old and a full year behind the other Scouts who had started at the usual age of 11. 

Yet, of the 18 boys who joined the troop that year, only Jim Callahan has as yet worked his way to the top and the prized Eagle award. 

Jim’s attendance has been steady from the start, having missed only 15 meetings in 3 ½ years. Along with his advancement through the ranks, he has earned six of the troop’s ribbon awards:

  • Honor Patrol, at the District Camporee in 1970
  • Honor Camper, at summer camp in 1971 and 1972, finishing second each year
  • Baker in March of 1972, followed by the
  • Leadership Cockade last June
  • Order of the Arrow in August, and the
  • Nawakwa award in December

Jim attended the Junior Leadership Training Course last August, after summer camp, and we received reports describing him as one of the outstanding boys in that program. He was elected permanent leader of his particular eight-man patrol, quite an honor in itself.

Jim has served this troop long and well as Moose Patrol Leader for six months, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for six months and has been in charge of all troop activities as Senior Patrol Leader since September of last year. Under his leadership, the troop has grown larger and stronger, building to a peak as the 1st place troop at the recent Midland District Camporee. 

Jim Callahan is without a doubt one the finest Senior Patrol Leaders we have had and after his three years’ experience at summer camp, we look forward to his skillful direction of the troop at camp this year. 

We find him to be a self-starter, well organized, responsible and alert to the minds of the younger Scouts who respect him and follow his leadership. He is our first boy to present himself and his Eagle service project before the new Midland District Eagle Board of Review. His project, regarding traffic control, represented extensive thought and effort and sets a high standard for others striving toward Eagle.