1. Don’t start talking until you have the attention of the entire group. Just stand up and wait for the chatter to subside. Don’t rap for attention. Someone will see you standing there, ready to begin, and will do the shushing for you.

2. Talk to the entire group. If you direct your attention exclusively to one or two you are eager to impress, the others will sense they are being ignored and start acting up to gain attention.

3. Don’t let one person monopolize everyone’s time.

4. Don’t stand for whispering, talking or horseplay in your group. Stop and wait for the mannerless person to quit.

5. Don’t “scold” — just keep things so interesting that competition can’t develop.

6. Never raise your voice to outshout someone who’s trying to interrupt you. Keep talking till you’ve made your point — but lower your voice. People will automatically strain to hear you and will tune out the loudmouth.

7. If things start to get out of hand — stop — then ask for cooperation, then go ahead.

8. Pause, occasionally, always at the end of a sentence to let your words sink in and to look around at your listeners.

9. NEVER allow anyone to stand behind you or peer over your shoulder.

l0. To keep Scouts alert — ASK QUESTIONS — do this to keep their attention – not in order to embarrass anyone.