Honor Patrol

At district-wide camporees, all of the troop’s patrols earn points from skill competitions throughout the weekend. Below are the times that a Troop 17 patrol came in first. In most of the years not shown, the Council had non-competitive policies which discouraged inter-troop competition and the compilation or dissemination of the results and in several years camporees were rained out.

In any case, this list represents an accurate, albeit incomplete, record of the stellar performances of many Seventeeners over the years — accomplishments unparalleled in the history of the Greater St. Louis Area Council and of which our Scouts are “mighty proud.”

  Year Patrol Patrol Leader  


Stag Irwin Albrecht  
  1960 (tie) Stag Steve Albrecht  
  1960 (tie) Hawk Rick Albrecht  
  1960 Fall Eagle Tim Albrecht  
  1961 Stag Dick Epstein  
  1963 Stag Dan Taylor  
  1965 Hawk Steve Madison  
  1975 Eagle Tim Magary  
  1976 Hawk Paul Ruland  
  1977 Stag Charlie Koors  
  1978 Hawk Bill Webber  
  1979 Stag Bobby Barnes  
  1981 Stag Dan Sharpe  
  1991 Eagle Eric Schaefer  
  1993 Hawk Russell Ball  
  1994 Moose Aaron Kaufman  
  1995 Hawk Tony Sheata  
  2002 Eagle Tyler Thompson  
  2005 Spring Eagle Tim Richarz  
  2005 Fall Eagle Michael Gorin  
  2011 Fall      
  2012 Spring      
  2013 Fall Hawk Daniel Song