It takes money to run an active organization and a Scout troop is no different.

Currently, the annual National BSA registration fee of $75.00 is subsidized by the troop as are incidental advancement costs of badges and awards.

For the convenience of both the parents and the troop, we invoice periodically rather than collect cash or checks directly from the Scouts. Over the years, this has proven to be the most efficient and least troublesome method for both.

Our periodic invoices will also include charges for any lost uniform items purchased by the Scouts from the troop, uncollected individual activity fees, and other items that may arise occasionally. In fairness to the other families who settle promptly and to protect the troop’s operating cash position, we would appreciate keeping the balance current.

However, some types of activity fees (such as food for campouts, admission charges, etc.) are usually collected directly from the Scout at the time of the event. This minimizes any bookkeeping required.

An exception though, are the fees for summer camp. Because of their size, pre-registration requirements, and cash flow considerations, we must collect them in advance.

Any questions regarding dues and money may be directed to our troop treasurer, Mark Kiehl.