YES     NO 

  ___    ___    1. Did the meeting begin and end on time?

  ___    ___    2. Was all the equipment ready as needed?

  ___    ___    3. Was everyone occupied all the time or did the meeting drag?
                         (Crowd things along; if you do, there will be no discipline problems
                         or uncontrolled rough housing)

  ___    ___    4. Was there a chance for every Scout to make some progress–
                          Either by instruction, or testing towards First Class or beyond?

  ___    ___    5. Was there a surprise item, or at least something new and unexpected?

  ___    ___    6. Was the running of the meeting shared by the SPL and SM
                          with other junior leaders?

  ___    ___    7. Was there a fun game and/or games with a purpose?

  ___    ___    8. Did the SPL work through the Patrol Leaders most of the time?
                          (e.g. do the patrols actually function as teams under the leadership
                          and direction of their patrol leaders, or is this only a formality?)

  ___    ___    9. Was the atmosphere of the meeting high-spirited and friendly?

  ___    ___   10. Did any item last more than twenty minutes?

  ___    ___   11. Was there variety?
                         (of action and stillness, of noise and quiet,
                         of work and games, of know and unknown)

  ___    ___  12. Was there a little talk as possible?

  ___    ___  13. Did the instruction involve “learning by doing” as much as possible?

  ___    ___  14. Was a short inspiration a part of the meeting?