Eric is an excellent example of the well-rounded young men that Scouting has produced over the years — ones who have combined a distinguished Scouting career with a variety of outside interests and activities. 

Joining the troop in October of 1986, Eric participated in almost every activity and leadership position that the troop had to offer. 

Eric was been in the Moose, Hawk and Eagle patrols — serving as a Patrol Leader from September of 1989 until May 1991. His leadership culminated in his Moose Patrol topping the entire Pathfinder District at the 1991 Spring Camporee. 

Eric was then promoted to the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and served as the acting SPL for two years at summer camp. Then Eric was appointed SPL — a Scout troop’s highest boy leadership position — wherein he performed ably for about a year.  He was subsequently appointed Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. 

Eric earned the troop’s outstanding attendance award in 1987, 1988, and 1989 — a reflection of his dedication and commitment.

Eric’s primary interest in Scouting has been the outdoors program and this has resulted in a powerful camping resume. His participation in the troop’s outdoor program over the years is evidenced by his eight consecutive years at summer camp and the tremendous number of weekend campouts and outings. paralleling his Scouting interest, his major outdoors hobby is rock climbing and rappelling. 

His wide range of interests reflect itself in the variety of merit badges he has earned over the years. While many Scouts may limit themselves to the traditional ones (such as the Citizenship series, Camping, Swimming, First Aid, etc.), Eric has sought out a rather varied mix in his electives which has included Wood Carving, Computers, Oceanography, Leatherwork, and Astronomy. 

Eric is musically talented and during his high school years, he played the drums in a semi-professional rock band. 

Eric also played football his freshman year and lettered in wrestling. 

Among Eric’s many interests are computers where he is highly skilled and has written, for example, a program to draw and rotate 3-D images.

In high school, Eric was an excellent student with a GPA in the A range. 

Enrolled at Webster College and majoring in audio engineering with a minor in music, Eric was the recipient of two academic scholarships. 

He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol, the Order of he Arrow, the Bakers (Troop Seventeen’s unique older boys group) — also served as its Head Baker or president. He attended Junior Leadership Training Camp, holds the Honor Patrol and Honor Camper ribbons, and wears the Troop Leadership Cocade — emblematic of his leadership skills.

Eric Schaefer —

Scholar… Musician… Outdoorsman… Leader… Order of the Arrow… Baker… Role Model… Eagle Scout