After a background in two Cub Scout Packs, Doug entered Troop Seventeen in April of 2002 and earned his Tenderfoot and Second Class ranks within three months. He was on to a scouting career that has been characterized by steady, consistent progress — both in his advancement and in his leadership responsibilities. 

Doug’s first leadership position was as the Assistant Patrol Leader of the Eagle Patrol — later becoming its Patrol Leader in March of 2004. He served for a year achieving honor rating at one of the district camporees. After completing his patrol leadership, Doug served as Quartermaster and then the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – each for one year. Doug was then appointed Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. 

Doug wears the Troop Leadership Cocade – emblematic of his leadership and service to the troop. He is also a member of the Bakers – Troop Seventeen’s unique organization for older scouts, most recently serving as its Head Baker, or elected president. 

Doug has also been an active participant in the troop’s outdoor program — including campouts, camporees, hikes, and six years at summer camp — every year he has been in the troop. In recognition of his camping abilities and leadership skills, Doug was elected by his fellow campers in 2004 to the Order of the Arrow, scouting’s national society for scout honor campers. Then in 2005, Doug was part of Troop Seventeen’s ten­-scout contingent to Philmont — BSA’s national high-adventure camp in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. 

During his scouting career, Doug’s completed the council’s Junior Leader Training Camp in 2004, the Mile Swim in 2006, earned Honor Camper recognition, the Attendance Award, and the Field Service Award. A member of the Bakers, Troop Seventeen’s unique older boy’s organization, Doug also served as that organization’s Head Baker (or president). 

In  recognition  of  his  energy, commitment, enthusiasm, service, and accomplishments, Doug was selected as Troop Seventeen’s 2006 Scout of the Year. 

On his trail to Eagle, Doug’s optional merit badges have shown a wide variety of interests including Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving, Basketry, Indian Lore, Cooking, and Fingerprinting. 

For his Eagle service project, Doug enlisted numerous  Scouts and adults to help him construct benches for a youth group meditation area and preschool outdoor classroom; he also created identification boards for trees  — both at Salem Methodist Church. 

At Ladue High, Doug participated in the Young Republican’s Club, Ladue DECA, and the Ram’s Blue Crew Pep Club. 

In athletics, Doug participated in the varsity Hockey, Varsity Diving, and Varsity Golf teams. 

Doug, who has an interest in politics, both met and helped first-hand with the elections of President George W. Bush, US Senators John Ashcroft and Jim Talent, and State Senator Mike Gibbons. Doug’s uncle is Missouri 94th District Representative Rick Steam. 

Doug has recently enlisted in the United States Marine Reserve Unit and will become a member upon his graduation from high school. Doug will then become a second generation Marine as his grandfather who received two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star in World War II. Doug also has three uncles who are retired Navy Commanders and Lieutenants. 

Doug plans to attend college at the University of Missouri, Columbia after completing his Marine Corps basic training. 

Doug Stream —

Honor Camper… Order of the Arrow… Baker… Outdoorsman… Scout of the Year… Eagle Scout