Dolph’s first leadership position was the Assistant Patrol Leader of the Moose and then the Eagle Patrol. After becoming a Patrol Leader his Hawk Patrol gained distinction by amassing more points for activities and inspections than any other patrol at the 1998 Pathfinder District Spring Camporee.

Dolph performed admirably and selflessly as the Senior Patrol Leader for 13 months — one of our best in the recent years. He was subsequently appointed to Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.

A!tending Junior Leader Training Camp the summer of 1997, Dolph was elected as the best patrol leader in his patrol. He received the Silver Bullet award at summer camp in 1998 awarded to the best Scout marksman in camp — topping even the best adult scores. 

In addition, Dolph was elected the crew leader for the troop’s high-adventure Philmont expedition in 1999. 

A good student with grades in the “A” range, Dolph was his elementary school student council president and currently serves as his junior class representative on the Ladue High School Student Congress. 

Dolph has also played basketball for Ladue High School, is a middle distance runner on their track team, and is captain of the cross-country team. 

For his Eagle service project, Dolph enlisted numerous Scouts and adults to help him design and build a hiking trail in the Stanislaus Conservation area. 

Dolph also recently served as a counselor for a 6th grade camp and previously helped out as a “Buddy” for the Special Olympics. 

In addition to his many community, school and Scouting activities, Dolph has regularly worked at a job during his high school years and is an avid camper and outdoorsman.

Dolph is described as a most responsible and earnest young man who shows a strong streak of initiative and compassion and is well liked by his fellow Scouts.  Dolph not only gets along extremely well with his peers but the younger Scouts feel comfortable with him and look up to him. Dolph is a fine example of the Scouting ideal for others to emulate. 

Dolph is a member of the Order of the Arrow, president of the Bakers, and has earned the perfect attendance award, the troop Leadership Cocade, and has earned Honor Camper several times.

Dolph Spoeneman —

Hono Camper… Honor Patrol… Order of the Arrow… Baker… Athlete… Outdoorsman… Leader… Role Model… Eagle Scout