When Dave was a younger Scout, he was one of the real hellions of Troop 17. Whenever there was trouble, rambunctious Dave was sure to be in the middle, either instigating, promoting, or assisting in the commotion. 

But Dave’s energies were not only directed towards mischief — his advancement also prospered from his drive. Dave rose very rapidly to Life rank — a rate, incidentally, as fast as anyone before or since. Then Dave’s progress became sluggish while his escapades continued and this seemed to place a restriction on his taking a position of junior leadership in the troop. 

So Dave grew discouraged and he gradually began to lose interest. His attendance became less frequent and Dave eventually became a Scouting dropout. 

After a short time though, Dave returned to Scouting — a new man — and he quickly began to take a serious interest in the progress of the troop — a fact that did not escape the notice of the Bakers who promptly made him a member of their group. 

In addition, Dave was soon made Assistant Senior Patrol Leader both in deference to his new-found maturity and to give him an opportunity to gain leadership experience. As the Assistant SPL, Dave proved to be a very conscientious learner and competent performer. 

Dave applied himself well — redirecting his former drive into more productive channels and this has resulted in a promotion to SPL — the number one position of junior leadership in the troop. 

Dave was only the second Scout in the previous 35 years to become SPL without having held the position of Patrol Leader — normally a necessary prerequisite since so much of his job consists of guiding, directing, and assisting the work of his four Patrol Leaders. 

Dave is living proof that boys can change and mature as they grow older. He is off to an excellent start as Senior Patrol Leader and we hope that Dave will provide the same kind of guidance and insight for our younger Scouts that has provided such a settling influence for himself.

Dave is a member of the Order of the Arrow and has been awarded the Troop Leadership Cocade and Honor Patrol ribbons.

Dave Madison —

Scouter… Leader… Order of the Arrow… Baker… Friend… Eagle Scout