Pack This is the Scouts “suitcase” for a campout; A Scout will need it to carry his gear to and from the campsite and on hikes — and to stow his gear while in camp. You will find a selection of packs (with & without frames) available in a variety of prices. Choose one that is comfortable and that can hold all his clothing and equipment.
Sleeping Bag, Fleece or 2-3 Blankets You want to sleep well. To do this you must be warm or cool.  Select the appropriate item for conditions. Buy the best you can afford. A bag filled with polyester fiberfill is good. Down is better. Purchasing a good sleeping bag (provided it is large enough to “grow into”) can be a life-time investment.
Foam Pad (or air mattress) You also want to sleep comfortably. Many campers use a shoulder-to-hip-length polyurethane pad. Others like an air mattress.
Ground sheet (plastic) You place it on top of the ground under your sleeping bag and/or foam pad. This helps keep your sleeping and camping gear dry.
Poncho (or rain coat & rain hat) When (not if) the weather gets rainy, you’re gonna need this.


For rugged use — hiking and wet weather. Warm, dry feet are essential (ask any soldier!)
Flashlight There are no electric lights in the woods and when the sun goes down, it gets very DARK. To find your way thru the woods, to head for the latrine, or to locate something in your pack at night, a good flashlight (with spare batteries) is a necessity!
Water Bottle (or “canteen”) Drinking water is essential and a water bottle is necessary on hikes and desireable even in camp.
Scout Knife A Scouts “tool kit”. Use it to build a fire, cut rope, etc, (Sheath knives are NOT permitted.)
Boy Scout Handbook Your Scout “Bible” — it always comes in handy!
Eating Kit: (Knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup &, bowl) We all have to eat — and with utensils like civilized people!
Toilet Kit: (Soap in box, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, and towel) A Scout is clean!
First Aid Kit Buy one or you can make your own
Matches in a waterproof case For building fires, use wooden “stick” matches but wet, moist ones are of no use.
Compass For orienteering, advancement, etc. it’s “nice” (but not necessary) to have your own.